PNG to ICO image online Free conversion tool

Preview - ico image

Convert png to ico image

Convert png to ico image is an online app, is used to convert your .png images to .ico format. Simple to convert, just upload image in tool, set image dimensions or round corner radius if needed, then click convert to ico button to convert.

Additional options

Additonally, this tool have the option to resize and round the corners of ico images, Just enter ico image dimension and round corner radius before proceed to conversion.

Free to use

All features in the conversion tool are available free of charge. You can convert any number of .png images to .ico files, it is a full version, no hidden payments, no demo versions and no other limitations.

Secured conversion

Converting png image to ico files, is done in client browser, so we are not uploading your images to our server for conversion process. No one can access your images expect you.

Easy to convert

No special skills are required to convert png to ico images, in our app. you can do it by simple steps, just upload the png image file, then click "convert to .ico" button in the tool and save it.

Save .ico image

Tool have the option to save .ico images after conversion. After dropped the .png image in to container, click convert to .ico button in the tool, then your converted .ico image displayed in preview section along with download button.

Accuracy in image conversion

We are Maintaining high degree of accuracy in png to ico image conversion process. while doing the conversion, images are properly calibrated and validated. Accuracy is maintained, even in the additional resize and round corner options.

Unlimited conversion

Unlike other services, our app has no limit on the number of images you can convert. Do image conversion as many you want, without any restriction or limitations and same level of accuracy is maintained.